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  • horse shivering in the rain

    Is Your Horse Shivering in the Cold Rain?

    Whether for pleasure, sport, or both, owning horses brings much joy to many people. While they’re lovely animals to keep, they’re also complicated. They have unique and specific needs that are always changing. For example, a horse shivering in the cold rain may need a blanket, but that’s not always the answer.  Have you recently…

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  • do horses need shelter from the rain

    Do Horses Need Shelter From The Rain?

    When it starts to rain, we normally run for cover – whether that is indoors, under an umbrella, or reaching for a waterproof coat. We don’t like being cold and wet! But do horses need shelter from the rain, just like we do? After all, wild horses survived outside without a fancy stable or a…

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  • why do goats calm horses

    Why do Goats Calm Horses? Stress Busting Goats

    Horses are prey animals, which means that they have a strong instinct to flee in the face of danger.  This means that they can be jumpy and spook easily if scared.  One solution is for your horse to share its day-to-day space with a goat.  It’s known that goats have a calming effect on horses. …

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  • can cows and horses graze together

    Can Cows and Horses Graze Together? 6 Tips for Success

    If you own or look after horses and cows, you may well be wondering if they can graze together.  Being able to have your horses and cows on the same pasture is convenient, and cost-effective.  But is it best practice for your equine and bovine friends?  The short answer is yes, cows and horses can…

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  • Is a cow a good companion for a horse

    Is a Cow a Good Companion for a Horse?

    We know that horses are sociable animals, but do they only socialize with other horses?  Or can they have other companions?  If you run a farm or a homestead and keep various livestock, you may wonder – is a cow a good companion for a horse? The answer is yes, very much so! Cows are…

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  • types of horse boarding

    Types of Horse Boarding – Where to Keep Your Horse

    There is a lot to think about if you are considering owning or leasing a horse.  One of the first things to think about is where you will keep your horse.  When you pay a fee to a stable owner for your horse to live there, this is called boarding.  There are different types of…

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  • Do horse like music

    Do Horses Like Music? And if So, What’s Their Jam?

    Given how much humans like music, it is natural to wonder whether animals, including horses, are also affected by music in a similar way. Do horses like music? To answer this question, we must dive into the world of equine behavior and explore the various factors affecting their responses to music. It is no secret…

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  • smells horses hate

    Smells Horses Hate – It’s All About Survival

    Many horse owners know that it is impossible to hide treats from their horses. No matter how many layers of clothing the treat is hidden under, the horse is able to sniff it out. Horses have a sense of smell much better than ours and have many smells they like. However, are there any smells…

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  • worst horse breeds for beginners

    9 Worst Horse Breeds for Beginners – New Riders Beware

    Horseback riding is something that people of all skill levels can enjoy. However, some horse breeds are better suited to those with more experience. So, what are the worst horse breeds for beginners? The worst horse breeds for beginner riders include Arabian Horses, Thoroughbreds, Mustangs, Akhal Teke Horses, Shire Horses, Percheron Horses, Trakehner Horses, Friesian…

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  • do horses understand words

    Do Horses Understand Words? And If So, How Much?

    Almost every horse owner will talk to their horse. From issuing commands to calling them in from the field, words feature heavily in human interactions with horses. Some owners even report that discussing their day or problems with their horses helps calm them. But do horses understand words, or is it simply just noise to…

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