• can you ride a horse with arthritis

    Can You Ride a Horse With Arthritis? – And When to Stop

    Should you, or can you, ride a horse with arthritis?  Well, it rather depends on who has arthritis – you or the horse!  If it’s you, then yes, you can still enjoy your favorite pastime, although you may need to support those aching joints in some way.  If your horse has arthritis, it depends… The…

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  • should you buy a horse with arthritis

    Should You Buy a Horse With Arthritis? Is it Wise?

    Arthritis is a common yet complex disease, that can be managed with the right medication and exercise program. But the decision to buy a horse with arthritis is not so straightforward and depends on your and the horse’s circumstances.   The decision to buy a horse with arthritis depends on what activities you want to do…

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