• When are you ready to lease a horse

    When Are You Ready to Lease a Horse? – 5 Considerations

    Having a horse or two to call your own is every horse lover’s dream. However, owning a horse is a massive commitment, both in time and money. Leasing a horse is a great starting point to learn more about horse ownership and further your skills. But, how do you know if you are ready to…

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  • different types of horse leases

    What are the Different Types of Horse Leases?

    Horses are amazing animals, and many equestrians dream of having one to call their own. However, buying and owning a horse can be expensive and time-consuming and this is why leasing a horse has become a popular option. There are several different types of horse leases available, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Different…

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  • do horses get lonely

    Do Horses Get Lonely? – 6 Signs Your Horse Feels Isolated

    Horse lovers enjoy nothing more than gazing out at a paddock full of grazing horses. What is even more magical to watch is when horses groom or play with each other. Horses form relationships with horses and other animals, including their owners. But do horses get lonely, or do they enjoy solitude? In short, horses…

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  • How much land does a horse need

    How Much Land Does a Horse Need? – Space to Roam

    Having your own horse can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. There is nothing better than enjoying a sunrise with the sound of your best friend munching on hay or grass. Most horse lovers dream of having horses right outside their kitchen window. But how much land does a horse need? Do you have enough…

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  • do horses need shelter from the rain

    Do Horses Need Shelter From The Rain?

    When it starts to rain, we normally run for cover – whether that is indoors, under an umbrella, or reaching for a waterproof coat. We don’t like being cold and wet! But do horses need shelter from the rain, just like we do? After all, wild horses survived outside without a fancy stable or a…

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