• Best type of goat as a horse companion

    What Type of Goat Makes a Good Horse Companion?

    Goats are possibly one of the cutest farmyard animals around, and they make great pets. They also make great companions and are popular for their ability to help keep horses calm. But what do you need to know when choosing a type of goat to buy? What type of goat makes a good horse companion?…

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  • best companions for your horse

    10 Of The Best Companions for Your Horse

    Horses are social animals – they love to play, sleep and bond with each other. Horses are also curious and seem to enjoy meeting and making new friends. But do horses only form bonds with other horses? Or can other animals be good companions for your horse? By far, the best companion for your horse…

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  • Are donkeys smarter than horses

    Are Donkeys Smarter Than Horses? Smart Ass or Not?

    Donkeys have an unenviable reputation for stubbornness, and being difficult to deal with.  As a result, they have long been relegated to the position of lower-class relatives in the equine family. However, those who know them well say they’re smarter than the average horse or pony and have been unjustly maligned for centuries! Are they…

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  • How much land does a horse need

    How Much Land Does a Horse Need? – Space to Roam

    Having your own horse can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. There is nothing better than enjoying a sunrise with the sound of your best friend munching on hay or grass. Most horse lovers dream of having horses right outside their kitchen window. But how much land does a horse need? Do you have enough…

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  • why do goats calm horses

    Why do Goats Calm Horses? Stress Busting Goats

    Horses are prey animals, which means that they have a strong instinct to flee in the face of danger.  This means that they can be jumpy and spook easily if scared.  One solution is for your horse to share its day-to-day space with a goat.  It’s known that goats have a calming effect on horses. …

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  • can cows and horses graze together

    Can Cows and Horses Graze Together? 6 Tips for Success

    If you own or look after horses and cows, you may well be wondering if they can graze together.  Being able to have your horses and cows on the same pasture is convenient, and cost-effective.  But is it best practice for your equine and bovine friends?  The short answer is yes, cows and horses can…

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  • Is a cow a good companion for a horse

    Is a Cow a Good Companion for a Horse?

    We know that horses are sociable animals, but do they only socialize with other horses?  Or can they have other companions?  If you run a farm or a homestead and keep various livestock, you may wonder – is a cow a good companion for a horse? The answer is yes, very much so! Cows are…

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