• the difference between windsucking and cribbing

    What is the Difference Between Windsucking and Cribbing?

    Windsucking and cribbing, or crib biting are both stereotypies.  Stereotypic behavior is an action that horses repeat in a compulsive, habitual way.  There are some similarities between these two stable vices, but they are not quite the same thing.  So, what is the difference between windsucking and cribbing?  Let’s take a look… Windsucking and cribbing…

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  • should you buy a horse that windsucks

    Should You Buy a Horse That Windsucks? 8 Considerations

    Buying a horse is an exciting time.  And it can be hard to go and check out a horse for sale and not fall in love with it.  But what should you do if you fall for a horse that’s for sale only to be told that it windsucks?  Should you buy a horse that…

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