• Are donkeys stronger than horses

    Are Donkeys Stronger Than Horses? – Let’s Find Out

    Have you ever wondered which is stronger – horses or donkeys? It’s an interesting question because both species are used in situations that require a lot of strength and power. Donkeys in particular have been used as pack animals for nearly 7000 years and still are in many developing countries. But are donkeys stronger than…

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  • Are donkeys smarter than horses

    Are Donkeys Smarter Than Horses? Smart Ass or Not?

    Donkeys have an unenviable reputation for stubbornness, and being difficult to deal with.  As a result, they have long been relegated to the position of lower-class relatives in the equine family. However, those who know them well say they’re smarter than the average horse or pony and have been unjustly maligned for centuries! Are they…

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