• How to pair horses together for pasture

    How to Pair Horses Together for Pasture and Grazing 

    Pasture time and socialization with other horses are vital to the well-being of your horse. Horses are social animals that need time outside with their buddies to play, eat grass, and just enjoy being a horse. But, how do you choose what horses to pair together for pasture and grazing time? It is important to…

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  • why is my horse eating tree bark

    Why Is My Horse Eating Tree Bark? And What Should I Do?

    There’s nothing more annoying than seeing those lovely trees in the paddock dying because your horse is ringbarking them by eating the bark! And you just can’t figure out why. As far as you know, the horse isn’t lacking in anything nutritionally. He, or she, certainly looks healthy enough. So why is your horse eating…

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  • can cows and horses graze together

    Can Cows and Horses Graze Together? 6 Tips for Success

    If you own or look after horses and cows, you may well be wondering if they can graze together.  Being able to have your horses and cows on the same pasture is convenient, and cost-effective.  But is it best practice for your equine and bovine friends?  The short answer is yes, cows and horses can…

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