• How to trim a horses forelock

    How To Trim a Horse’s Forelock (Don’t Make Common Mistakes)

    Trimming the forelock is an important part of keeping your horse’s mane neat and healthy. But, what is the right way to do so? Horse owners and riders offer the following tips on how to trim a horse’s forelock: Even though the forelock can grow back like the rest of the mane, knowing how to…

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  • Cactus cloth for horses

    Cactus Cloth For Horses:  Why is it Used for Grooming? 

    At every horse store, you will find a section dedicated to horse grooming items. There is usually an array of special tools and sprays, combs, and brushes. They are all designed to help you keep your horse’s coat clean and shiny. However, one item you might not be familiar with is cactus cloth for horses.…

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  • pulled mane vs. cut mane

    Pulled Mane vs Cut Mane: Which Is Better?

    Some breeds of horses are blessed with a luxuriously long and thick mane. It might even be naturally wavy! But maintaining this mane is much harder than a horse who has a naturally thin and short mane. This is where the techniques of pulling or cutting the mane come in. Choosing between a pulled mane…

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