• worst horse breeds for beginners

    9 Worst Horse Breeds for Beginners – New Riders Beware

    Horseback riding is something that people of all skill levels can enjoy. However, some horse breeds are better suited to those with more experience. So, what are the worst horse breeds for beginners? The worst horse breeds for beginner riders include Arabian Horses, Thoroughbreds, Mustangs, Akhal Teke Horses, Shire Horses, Percheron Horses, Trakehner Horses, Friesian…

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  • at what age can kids learn to ride horses

    At What Age Can Kids Learn to Ride a Horse?

    When helping a child get used to horses and graduate to riding them eventually, it’s a good idea to avoid rushing both the horse and the child into interacting with each other. If someone wants to help their kids learn how to ride horses, how old do their kids have to be before they start…

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  • What is horse riding called

    What Is Horse Riding Called, And Why?

    What is horse riding called?  Horse riding covers a wide range of disciplines and interests.  In many cases, this dictates what horse riding is called in that particular instance.  So – what you call horse riding really depends on where you are, and what you do when you ride your horse.  That said, common names…

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  • Am I too old to learn to ride a horse?

    Am I Too Old to Learn How to Ride a Horse? Starting Later

    Some people are lucky enough to learn how to ride horses when they are children.  But this isn’t true for everyone. Circumstances or finances might have meant that you were unable to learn to ride when you were younger.  Now that you’re a bit older, you might be wondering am I too old to learn…

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