• How Much Does it Cost to lease a horse

    How Much Does it Cost to Lease a Horse? 9 Main Expenses

    There is a joke that is common in the equine industry: How do you make one million in the horse business? Start with two million! It is no secret buying a horse can be expensive. But how much does it cost to lease a horse? Generally, the annual cost to lease a horse will be…

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  • how to negotiate a horse lease

    How to Negotiate a Horse Lease – What to Look Out For

    Starting to negotiate a horse lease can be a tricky process, but if done correctly can be very rewarding. Leasing a horse is a great way to get more experience before you buy your own horse. It is important to negotiate the terms of the lease to make sure both parties are happy. When you…

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  • different types of horse leases

    What are the Different Types of Horse Leases?

    Horses are amazing animals, and many equestrians dream of having one to call their own. However, buying and owning a horse can be expensive and time-consuming and this is why leasing a horse has become a popular option. There are several different types of horse leases available, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Different…

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