• do horseshoes hurt horses

    Do Horseshoes Hurt Horses? – The Surprising Truth

    Horseshoes are a piece of riding equipment that has been debated for some time. Some owners shoe their horses because it supports their hooves, while others say going barefoot is better for hoof health. Since the hoof is the horse equivalent to a human foot, some equestrians may find themselves asking- do horseshoes hurt horses?…

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  • Am I too old to learn to ride a horse?

    Am I Too Old to Learn How to Ride a Horse? Starting Later

    Some people are lucky enough to learn how to ride horses when they are children.  But this isn’t true for everyone. Circumstances or finances might have meant that you were unable to learn to ride when you were younger.  Now that you’re a bit older, you might be wondering am I too old to learn…

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  • knee pain when horse riding

    9 Causes of Knee Pain When Horse Riding

    I am prone to getting knee pain when horse riding. I’m generally okay when I’m riding in the school. But as soon as I go on a long trail ride, my knees will start aching.  For ages, I thought that I was alone with this problem. However, after doing some research to find a solution…

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