• How often should you ride your horse

    How Often Should You Ride Your Horse?

    Horse riding is known for giving people a sense of freedom, and is a lifelong passion for many. It is also a great form of exercise. Like us, horses require regular exercise too. But how often should you ride your horse? Do they need daily riding, just like a dog should be taken for a…

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  • how long can you ride a horse in a day

    How Long Can You Ride a Horse in a Day? 6 Key Factors

    Horses are resilient and tolerant creatures. They will go above and beyond to please their riders, sometimes to the point of hiding pain. However, they still have an energy limit. So, how long can you ride a horse in a day? The average horse can be ridden 50 miles before needing a break or about…

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  • riding a horse with one eye

    Can You Ride a Horse With One Eye? – Is it Safe?

    Although they sometimes seem delicate, horses are incredibly resilient creatures when they need to be. Many come back from impossible injuries and carry on with their lives. One of the most impressive comebacks is the horse that loses an eye and still manages to do its job. Losing an eye is tough, and one of…

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  • can you ride a horse with moon blindness

    Can You Ride a Horse with Moon Blindness? 

    Moon blindness is an unfortunate condition that can affect up to 25% of horses worldwide. It can be hard to detect at first, but it is progressive so the earlier treatments start, the better. The condition can result in a total loss of vision in the affected eye(s). For many, the question will eventually come…

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  • can you ride a horse with mud fever

    Can You Ride a Horse With Mud Fever? – Do’s and Don’ts

    If your horse has mud fever, you will have some questions about your horse’s welfare.  But equally, you will most probably be wondering about how it impacts their exercise regime and your riding.  The question is, can you ride a horse with mud fever? Whether you can ride a horse with mud fever depends on…

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  • at what age can kids learn to ride horses

    At What Age Can Kids Learn to Ride a Horse?

    When helping a child get used to horses and graduate to riding them eventually, it’s a good idea to avoid rushing both the horse and the child into interacting with each other. If someone wants to help their kids learn how to ride horses, how old do their kids have to be before they start…

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  • horse riding after a broken wrist

    Horse Riding After a Broken Wrist – What Can You Expect?

    When I broke my wrist the first question in my mind was how long it would be before I could horse ride again.  If you are a horse nut, and you have had a fracture, you are probably stressing about that too.  So, I thought it would be helpful to share my experience of what…

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  • What is horse riding called

    What Is Horse Riding Called, And Why?

    What is horse riding called?  Horse riding covers a wide range of disciplines and interests.  In many cases, this dictates what horse riding is called in that particular instance.  So – what you call horse riding really depends on where you are, and what you do when you ride your horse.  That said, common names…

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