• what did horses do before shoes

    What Did Horses Do Before Shoes?  And Was it Better?

    There are different theories about how horses survived before domestication and the invention of the metal horseshoe.  Originally thought of as a way to protect hooves, some people now believe that horseshoes do more harm than good. So, what did horses do before shoes? Having healthy hooves to run away from predators was integral to…

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  • Do racehorses wear horse shoes

    Do Racehorses Wear Shoes? And If So, What Type?

    Horseshoes are a piece of specially shaped material fitted to a horse’s hoof. The use of shoes is important to the everyday ridden horse – but do racehorses wear shoes? Their goal is to be the fastest horse on race day; do they wear shoes to help their performance? Nearly all racehorses wear shoes, but…

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  • do horseshoes hurt horses

    Do Horseshoes Hurt Horses? – The Surprising Truth

    Horseshoes are a piece of riding equipment that has been debated for some time. Some owners shoe their horses because it supports their hooves, while others say going barefoot is better for hoof health. Since the hoof is the horse equivalent to a human foot, some equestrians may find themselves asking- do horseshoes hurt horses?…

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