• Can you stop a horse from weaving

    Can You Stop a Horse From Weaving?

    Weaving is a repetitive swaying motion exhibited by some horses in stables or along fence lines. Similar to nail biting in humans, it is a coping mechanism for horses. Weaving has been shown to cause a release of endorphins, or ‘feel-good’ hormones. This means it can very easily and quickly become an addictive habit! This…

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  • Why is my horse weaving in the field

    Why Is My Horse Weaving in the Field? – What Can I Do?

    Weaving is a common vice that many horses have. It is usually developed due to boredom, isolation, and stress. It is a repetitive rocking and swaying behavior traditionally done inside a stall. However, sometimes weaving can occur while a horse is out in the field. Why is my horse weaving in the field? Horses can…

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  • what is weaving in horses

    What is Weaving in Horses? – Causes and Solutions

    Horses can develop many so-called stable vices or undesired behaviors. These behaviors usually develop due to boredom or stress and can be corrected. Weaving is one of the more common ones. What is weaving in horses? Weaving is when a horse sways their head, neck, and or body laterally in a repeating pattern. Horses often…

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  • the difference between windsucking and cribbing

    What is the Difference Between Windsucking and Cribbing?

    Windsucking and cribbing, or crib biting are both stereotypies.  Stereotypic behavior is an action that horses repeat in a compulsive, habitual way.  There are some similarities between these two stable vices, but they are not quite the same thing.  So, what is the difference between windsucking and cribbing?  Let’s take a look… Windsucking and cribbing…

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  • windsucking after eating

    Windsucking After Eating  – What, if Anything Should You Do?

    Some horses windsuck throughout the day and others windsuck now and again.  And some horses only engage in windsucking after eating.  Windsucking after food is such a specific behavior, that often leaves owners scratching their heads in puzzlement.  Why is it that some horses windsuck specifically after they have eaten? Sometimes windsucking after eating can…

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  • why do horses windsuck

    Why Do Horses Windsuck? – And What Can You Do About It?

    Horses are a wonderful hobby and fantastic companions. They’re also complex creatures with many specific needs and quirks. Like people, they can make bad decisions and develop habits detrimental to their health. For example, It’s common that horses windsuck, especially when stabled.  But why do horses windsuck?  Often horses windsuck as a response to one…

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