• Is a quarter horse a warmblood

    Is a Quarter Horse a Warmblood? – A Breed Apart

    The Quarter Horse is a versatile and dynamic breed of American origin that is used in a broad range of disciplines. The exact breeds and bloodlines that make up Quarter Horses have frequently been a topic for debate. A common question; is a Quarter Horse a warmblood? Let’s find out. Although Quarter Horses are descendants…

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  • thoroughbred vs warmblood horse

    Warmblood vs Thoroughbred Horses: What’s the Difference?

    Equestrians will often talk about warm-blooded and thoroughbred horses. But what do these terms mean? And when you compare warmblood vs thoroughbred horses, how do they differ? Warm blood and thoroughbred horses are different types of horses. But they are also terms referring to different categories. Thoroughbred horses are a particular breed of horse, that…

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