• Should you buy a horse that weaves

    Should You Buy a Horse That Weaves? 4 Things to Consider

    Buying a horse is a big decision, and it can take a lot of time to find your new best friend. As you look through ads for potential horses, you might see some mention of weaving. When considering whether to buy a horse that weaves, it’s important to understand what weaving is, and why horses…

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  • Can you stop a horse from weaving

    Can You Stop a Horse From Weaving?

    Weaving is a repetitive swaying motion exhibited by some horses in stables or along fence lines. Similar to nail biting in humans, it is a coping mechanism for horses. Weaving has been shown to cause a release of endorphins, or ‘feel-good’ hormones. This means it can very easily and quickly become an addictive habit! This…

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  • Is weaving bad for horses

    Is Weaving Bad For Horses? – And Should You Prevent It?

    The topic of weaving is a common one amongst the equestrian community. You might have seen adverts of horses for sale stating that the horse weaves. Or you might have seen a horse in your barn who weaves whenever they are stabled. So, what makes weaving bad for horses? Weaving is a behavior that horses…

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  • Why is my horse weaving in the field

    Why Is My Horse Weaving in the Field? – What Can I Do?

    Weaving is a common vice that many horses have. It is usually developed due to boredom, isolation, and stress. It is a repetitive rocking and swaying behavior traditionally done inside a stall. However, sometimes weaving can occur while a horse is out in the field. Why is my horse weaving in the field? Horses can…

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  • what is weaving in horses

    What is Weaving in Horses? – Causes and Solutions

    Horses can develop many so-called stable vices or undesired behaviors. These behaviors usually develop due to boredom or stress and can be corrected. Weaving is one of the more common ones. What is weaving in horses? Weaving is when a horse sways their head, neck, and or body laterally in a repeating pattern. Horses often…

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