• Signs of a disrespectful horse

    10 Signs of a Disrespectful Horse – And How to Deal with It

    Horses are very social animals who develop strong bonds with other horses, animals, and humans. Horses naturally seek leadership and establish and maintain their rank in herd pecking orders.  Disrespect happens when a horse does not see humans as their leader. But what are the signs of a disrespectful horse, and what can you do…

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  • why do wild horses get kicked out of herds

    Why Do Wild Horses Get Kicked Out Of Herds?

    Watching a herd of wild horses at a full gallop is a sight to behold. They communicate changes of pace and direction almost invisibly, and not one crashes into another! Wild horses form strong bonds with each other, and herd life is vital for survival. So why is it that sometimes wild horses get kicked…

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  • Can you stop a horse from weaving

    Can You Stop a Horse From Weaving?

    Weaving is a repetitive swaying motion exhibited by some horses in stables or along fence lines. Similar to nail biting in humans, it is a coping mechanism for horses. Weaving has been shown to cause a release of endorphins, or ‘feel-good’ hormones. This means it can very easily and quickly become an addictive habit! This…

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  • why is my horse eating dirt

    Why Is My Horse Eating Dirt? – And Is It a Problem?

    If you’ve ever fallen off and ‘eaten dirt’, as the saying goes, you’ll know that it doesn’t taste very good! Yet, some horses choose to eat or lick dirt, sometimes in large amounts. So, if it doesn’t taste very good, why do they do it? And more importantly, if your horse is eating dirt, is…

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  • Is weaving bad for horses

    Is Weaving Bad For Horses? – And Should You Prevent It?

    The topic of weaving is a common one amongst the equestrian community. You might have seen adverts of horses for sale stating that the horse weaves. Or you might have seen a horse in your barn who weaves whenever they are stabled. So, what makes weaving bad for horses? Weaving is a behavior that horses…

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  • Are donkeys smarter than horses

    Are Donkeys Smarter Than Horses? Smart Ass or Not?

    Donkeys have an unenviable reputation for stubbornness, and being difficult to deal with.  As a result, they have long been relegated to the position of lower-class relatives in the equine family. However, those who know them well say they’re smarter than the average horse or pony and have been unjustly maligned for centuries! Are they…

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  • why is my horse eating poop

    Why is My Horse Eating Poop? 5 Reasons They Eat Manure

    Should you be worried if you see your horse eating poop? Why would he, or she, be doing this? Is it normal behavior for horses? What should you do if you see it? Can you, or should you, try and stop it? Read on to discover the answers to these questions about what, to us,…

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  • do horses get lonely

    Do Horses Get Lonely? – 6 Signs Your Horse Feels Isolated

    Horse lovers enjoy nothing more than gazing out at a paddock full of grazing horses. What is even more magical to watch is when horses groom or play with each other. Horses form relationships with horses and other animals, including their owners. But do horses get lonely, or do they enjoy solitude? In short, horses…

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  • Do horse like music

    Do Horses Like Music? And if So, What’s Their Jam?

    Given how much humans like music, it is natural to wonder whether animals, including horses, are also affected by music in a similar way. Do horses like music? To answer this question, we must dive into the world of equine behavior and explore the various factors affecting their responses to music. It is no secret…

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  • do horses understand words

    Do Horses Understand Words? And If So, How Much?

    Almost every horse owner will talk to their horse. From issuing commands to calling them in from the field, words feature heavily in human interactions with horses. Some owners even report that discussing their day or problems with their horses helps calm them. But do horses understand words, or is it simply just noise to…

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