• do horse know their name

    Do Horses Know Their Name? – Why Do They Respond?

    Calling your horse in from the field is often a wonderful sight – they hear their name and come running to you. This is true for most horses, and it’s a sign that they like spending time with you. But do horses know their name when you call them or is it simply a cue…

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  • horse rooting at the bit

    Why is My Horse Rooting at the Bit? – And What to Do?

    Part of the beauty of horses is how different they are from one another. Personality traits, quirks, likes, and dislikes vary from horse to horse, as do habits. Unfortunately, horses are susceptible to developing bad habits if their owners, handlers, and riders aren’t careful. Behaviors like rooting at the bit are annoying at best, and…

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  • How to tell if a horse is happy

    22 Ways to Tell if a Horse is Happy – Equine Contentment

    What is ‘happiness’ for a horse and how can you tell if a horse is happy?  As horse owners, we like to think our horses are happy and content.  But are they?  Fortunately, horses can usually be relied upon to let us know whether they’re happy, or unhappy!  It’s just a case of knowing what…

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  • the difference between windsucking and cribbing

    What is the Difference Between Windsucking and Cribbing?

    Windsucking and cribbing, or crib biting are both stereotypies.  Stereotypic behavior is an action that horses repeat in a compulsive, habitual way.  There are some similarities between these two stable vices, but they are not quite the same thing.  So, what is the difference between windsucking and cribbing?  Let’s take a look… Windsucking and cribbing…

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  • Do horses like to be hugged

    Do Horses Like to Be Hugged? – Is the Feeling Mutual?

    Hugging is just one of the many ways that people show affection to their horses. There is nothing better than wrapping your arms around your horse and snuggling your face into their neck. But do horses like to be hugged? Or is it something that they tolerate simply because it does not hurt them? Most…

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  • should you buy a horse that windsucks

    Should You Buy a Horse That Windsucks? 8 Considerations

    Buying a horse is an exciting time.  And it can be hard to go and check out a horse for sale and not fall in love with it.  But what should you do if you fall for a horse that’s for sale only to be told that it windsucks?  Should you buy a horse that…

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  • how to help spooky horses

    How to Help a Spooky Horse (and its Rider)

    Horses spook because they are flight animals, so it’s natural for them to be defensive and suspicious. A spooky horse will jump to the side in a startled fashion, sometimes called shying. This is often accompanied by a rapid turn of speed, usually involving going as fast as possible in the other direction. There are…

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  • why do horses windsuck

    Why Do Horses Windsuck? – And What Can You Do About It?

    Horses are a wonderful hobby and fantastic companions. They’re also complex creatures with many specific needs and quirks. Like people, they can make bad decisions and develop habits detrimental to their health. For example, It’s common that horses windsuck, especially when stabled.  But why do horses windsuck?  Often horses windsuck as a response to one…

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  • why do horses roll

    Why do Horses Roll in the Dirt? Should You be Worried?

    We all know our horses love to roll, but why do they do it? In fact, anyone who watches horses roll in the dirt will be aware it’s about to happen. Circling and pawing at the ground, and dropping their nose are all signs of this frequent horse behaviour. There are several reasons why horses…

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